Tree Service Southampton, PA 18966

Tree Services in Southampton PA, 18966

Since 2001 Liberty Tree Service Inc. has been providing residents of Southampton, PA with the highest quality tree removal services. They provide services which include tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, stump removal, storm damage clean-up, cabling and bracing, and hazardous tree inspections. They also offer 24-hour emergency service for when disaster strikes and you need them the most. Call Liberty Tree Service today at 215-322-8535 for a fast free estimate on tree service Southampton PA!

At Liberty Tree Service we will always try to save a tree if possible. Our fully qualified staff will asses the tree for damage and disease before making a call on whether it has to come down. In the event that a tree does need to be removed, we are fully insured to ensure that your property and our team are protected by us not you!

For a free quote on all your tree service needs in Southampton, PA 18966 call us today. We pride ourselves on being prompt and competitive!

Tree Service Southampton PA

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Tree Services offered in Southampton, PA:

Tree Removal: Fast, safe and reliable tree removal provided in Southampton, PA 18966

Storm Damage Cleanup: 24-hour emergency storm damage cleanup for when you need it the most

Tree Trimming & Pruning: We care for your trees so that they are healthy and safe in Southampton, PA

Cabling & Bracing: We can use our cabling and bracing techniques to help save dangerous of damaged trees.

Tree Service Southampton PA

High quality equipment for tree service Southampton PA
Protecting your Lawn while completing tree service Southampton PA

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